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Hey, how's it going?

I'm Brenna and if you've arrived here you've likely met me in person. Hi, Mom!

Like many people these days who want to organize their work, I’ve created a website for my interests and observations. These are primarily centered around two topics: painting and programming. If neither of those things is interesting to you (and you are not my mother which, let’s be fair, you probably aren’t) then you might get bored. This site is more “storage” than “personal brand” but you never know what may happen when you follow your passions. Thanks for stopping by.

37 Houses

My current project is to paint all 37 of the houses that I have occupied in my life up to this point. Take a stroll though personal history >

Imposter Syndrome

The technical blog in which I attempt to translate my basic learnings about software engineering into coherent english, one tiny incremental step at a time. My stance here is that basic, rock-solid competence in programming takes a long time, is hard won and also a fascinating life-long pursuit. Both for my own use and for potentially reaching young programmers with a sane, down-to-earth perspective, I am writing some basics down here.

The Imposter Syndrome >